The Crow Ibiza

Twilight Perceptions

2018, Music Video

Nuno Flores is a violinist with decades of experience in portuguese music. He was in bands like Quinta do Bill and Corvos, having performed hundreds of live concerts.

Tripé was approached to make a music video for his project “The Crow Ibiza” with Alber Graal.
From a evolving story by António Maximiano e Margarida Carvalho, it’s our first work with several extras and costumes to work with a small team and in record time. In what was a very interesting challenge we were able to breakthrough.

Directed by: Pedro Caldeira and Virgínia Barbosa / Music: Nunp Flores and Albert Graal / Story: António Maximino and Margarida Carvalho / Director of Photography and Editor: Pedro Caldeira / An António Maximino and Tripé co-production /
With: Joana Martins, Filipe Salgueiro, José Moutinho / Models: Bea Marxen, Rita Oliveira, Beatriz Cardoso, Margarida Marques, Inês Teixeira, Mariana Moreira, Catarina Martins, Bárbara Gavaia / Extras: Carlos Porto, Jorge Rio Cardoso, Sónia Rio Cardoso, Ana Nunes, Nuno Gonçalo Duarte, António de Macedo, Carlos Pissarra, Jan Marxen, Lídia Praça, Vasco Veiga, António Maximino, Margarida Carvalho, Onésimo Costa / Thanks: Margarida Carvalho, Onésimo Costa, Micaela Oliveira, Hotel Estoril Palácio, F5IT

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