Speed Dating

A Four Points Film Project

2016, Romance (6:55')
Cast: Sandro Ferreira / Miguel Sá Nogueira / Ariana Santos

Four Points Film Project 2016:

Speed Dating was Tripé’s entry on the Four Points Film Project 2016. The rules of the competition stated that one short movie should be directed, edited, scored and delivered in three days. Required elements for the competition involved shoelaces, a translator, and the line “When was the last time you saw something like that?”. The drawn genre was Romance.

Directed by Pedro Caldeira and Paulo Graça / Screenplay: Virgínia Barbosa, Pedro Caldeira, Sandro Ferreira, Paulo Graça, Paulo Martinho and Ariana Santos / Cast: Sandro Ferreira, Miguel Sá NogueiraAriana Santos, Maria Caldeira, Virgínia Barboa, Inês Narciso Ferreira, Emanuel Costa and Pedro Caldeira  / Produced by: Pedro Caldeira / Assistant Producers: Virgínia Barbosa and Ariana Santos / Music: David Pais / Cinematography: Paulo Martinho / Editing: Pedro Caldeira and Bruno Duarte / Sound Editor: David Pais / Sound Recording:Pedro Caldeira and Virgínia Barbosa / Graphic Design:Paulo Graça / Camera Assistant: Virgínia Barbosa / Extras: Ana Raquel Caldeira, Nuno Marques and Hugo Rodrigues / Special Thanks: RESTART, Medrosa D’Alfama, Ana Raquel Caldeira, Nuno Costa, Susana Silvestre, A Ginginha da Sé, Stephanie Alves, César Lourador and soon-to-be-born Átila

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