Closing the eyes was the solution. Opening them, a penitence. Is there really a remedy for everything?

2015, Horror / Drama (2:00')
Cast: Pedro Branco / Ariana Santos

Micro Curtas Mov+MotelX:

Super 9 Mobile Film Fest:
Official Selection

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Penitence was Tripé’s entry for the contest “Micro Curtas Mov + MotelX”. The competition asked for 2 minutes horror short films filmed on a cellphone. Although we didn’t win the competition, we received critical praise for the film and even got ourselves invited to show it on the national TV.

Entirely filmed on an iPhone 6®, Penitence was a successful challenge, mainly because most of it was shot on low light scenarios. Still, we did manage to play with that circunstances, creating a tense atmosphere with some localized lights and telling a good story in only 2 minutes.

Directed by Pedro Caldeira and Paulo Graça / Screenplay: Paulo Graça / Cast: Pedro Branco (as Him), Ariana Santos (as Her) / Producers: Pedro Caldeira and Paulo Graça / Music: David Pais / Cinematography: Paula Lourenço / Editors: Pedro Caldeira and Paulo Graça / Sound Editor, Sound Mixer: David Pais / Assistance: Rita Gomes

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