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2015, Drama / Romance / Comedy (21:59')
Cast: Pedro Branco / David Pais / Mafalda Santos

A dramatic comedy about the inability to overcome obstacles and live with ourselves in undesirable circunstances

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Pegões follows the story of Nuno (Pedro Branco), who is tormented by a ghost of his past that he cant’s seem to forget. Along the road to free himself he will have to face his hauntings and learn to live with his loneliness, so he can surpass the obstacles that he created for himself.

Directed by Pedro Caldeira and Paulo Graça / Screenplay: Pedro Caldeira / Cast: Pedro Branco (as Nuno Moreno),  David Pais (as Beto), Mafalda Santos (as “She”), Eva Fabiana Nobre (as Laura), Eduardo Serraventoso (as Miguel), Bárbara Teixeira (as Miguel’s Girlfriend), Cláudia Oliveira Coelho (as “The Woman in the Red Room),  Paulo Graça (as Friend) and Pedro Isidoro (as the voice of the Priest) / Producers: Pedro Caldeira and Paulo Graça / Music: Eduardo Serraventoso, David Pais and Pedro Isidoro / Cinematography: Pedro Caldeira and Jaime Martins Veloso / Editors: Pedro Caldeira and Paulo Graça / Sound Editor, Sound Mixer: David Pais / Sound Recording: Pedro Caldeira, Álvaro Godinho, David Pais, Joana Protásio, Eduardo Serraventoso and Jaime Martins Veloso / Camera: Pedro Branco, Pedro Caldeira, Paulo Graça and Jaime Martins Veloso / Color: Paulo Graça / Assistance: Cláudia Oliveira Coelho, Mário Graça, Sofia Sousa and Bárbara Teixeira

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