Past Tense

When the past you change is your own.

2016, Time Travel, Film de Femme (7:24')
Cast: Sara Gonçalves / Miguel Sá Nogueira / Pedro Branco / Jaime Martins Veloso / Carla Magalhães

Castelo Branco 48HFP 2016:
– Runner Up (2nd Best Film)
– Audience Award
– Best Directing
– Best Editing
– Best Cinematography
– Best Original Score
– Best Sound
– Best Use of Genre
– Best Use of Prop
– Best Graphics

Past Tense was Tripé’s entry on the Castelo Branco 48 Hour Film Project 2016. The rules of the competition stated that one short movie should be directed, edited, scored and delivered in only two days. Required elements for the competition involved a duster, a mechanic, and the line “Today is your lucky day”. The drawn genres were Film de Femme and Time Travel.

Directed by Pedro Caldeira and Paulo Graça / Screenplay: Virgínia Barbosa, Pedro Branco, Pedro Caldeira, Sara Gonçalves, Paulo Graça, Carla Magalhães, Paulo Martinho,Miguel Sá NogueiraAriana Santos, Eduardo Serraventoso, Bárbara Teixeira and Jaime Martins Veloso / Cast: Sara Gonçalves, Miguel Sá NogueiraPedro BrancoJaime Martins Veloso and Carla Magalhães  / Producers: Pedro Caldeira and Paulo Graça / Assistant Producers: Virgínia Barbosa and Ariana Santos / Music: David Pais, Kevin MacLeod ( / Cinematography: Paulo Martinho / Editing: Tiago Cruz / Sound Editor: Pedro Caldeira / Sound Recording: Eduardo Serraventoso / Clapperboard and Continuity: Bárbara Teixeira / Image Assistance: Virgínia Barbosa and Jaime Martins Veloso / Special Thanks: RESTART, SCOCS, Câmara Municipal de Tomar, Luís Ferreira, Filipe Cartaxo, Sérgio Louro, Alexandre Santos

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