A 48 Hour Film Project

2019, Comedy / Romance (5:06')
Cast: Liliana Leite / Marco Costa / Raquel Franco

Lisbon 48HFP 2019: 
– Best Music

Leiria Film Fest 2020
– Official Selection: Shorts from Leiria

Millennium is our homage to the most famous new year’s eve ever, when allegedly a bug would launch chaos in our world. That never happened, but the memories of 31st December 1999 stood the test of time. A short-film entirely produced for Lisbon’s 48 Hour Film Project 2019.

Directed by Pedro Caldeira and Paulo Graça / Cast: Liliana Leite, Marco Costa, Raquel Franco, Inês de Morais, Leonardo Dias e Mário Graça / Assistant Director: Ariana Santos / Produced by Mafalda Almeida, Joana Batista, Pedro Caldeira / Assistant Producers: Ana Raquel Caldeira / Screenplay: Ariana Santos, Pedro Caldeira, Paulo Graça / Story: Mafalda Almeira, Joana Batista, Virgínia Barbosa, Ana Raquel Caldeira, Pedro Caldeira, Leonardo Dias, Mário Graça, Paulo Graça, Liliana Leite, Inês de Morais, Marcelo Pereira, Ariana Santos / Cinematography: Paulo Oliveira / Art Direction: Ariana Santos / Set Assistant: Mário Graça / Edited by Pedro Caldeira, Tiago Cruz, Paulo Graça / Sound Editing and Sound Mixing: Tiago Sousa / Boom Operator: Pedro Caldeira / Original Music: Pedro Manteigas / Color Grading: Marcelo Pereira / Anotation: Maria Caldeira / Catering: Joana Batista

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