LODO - Prisão

Music Video for LODO

2017, Music Video

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Shortcutz Funchal

In 2017, LODO, an alternative rock band from Tomar, presented a challenge to Tripé. We responded with another. And from this exchange of ideas this project was born. A music video that combines elements of experimental short film and molds itself around poetic verses.

The result is an intimate portrait of a relationship between two beings, on a sensorial journey through the memories left in the ruins of a world built by two.


Directed by Pedro Caldeira e Paulo Graça / Produced by: Tripé e LODO / Cast: Miguel Sá Nogueira e André Santos / Cinematography: Paulo Martinho / Edited by:Pedro Caldeira / Production Assistant: Ariana Santos / Voice: Miguel Sá Nogueira / Poems by: Mara Silvério / Music: LODO / Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Sérgio Milhano (Estúdio PontoZurca) / Special Thanks: João Caldeira, Hugo Fernandes, Sofia Seno, Carla dos Santos, Filipa Fernandes, Catarina Miranda e Susana Mendes

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