Just Under - Oco

Music Video for Just Under

2017, Music Video

Just Under, a rock band from Tomar, challenged Tripé to create the music video for their single “Oco”.

The song, which talks about an emotional breakup, inspired us to create an experimental video that focus on the different personalities that a human being can have, in the way that we idealize the idea of beauty, and in the fact that everyone can rebirth into a new person by challenging the past.

Directed by Pedro Caldeira and Paulo Graça / Produced by: Tripé and Just Under / Actress: Raquel Franco / Cinematography: Paulo Martinho / Assistants of Photography: Paula Lourenço and Álvaro Lopes / Editing: Paulo Graça / Make up and Hairstyle: Ariana Santos / Plateau Assistance: Fábio Rodrigues and Simão Leal / Catering: Ana Isabel Rodrigues / Thanks to: Auditório de Cem Soldos, Maria da Luz, SCOCS

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