Cold Hands, Warm Heart

A 48 Hour Film Project

2017, Silent Film / Comedy(6:47')
Cast: Rui Ferreira / Sandro Ferreira / Carla Magalhães / Maria Caldeira

Castelo Branco 48HFP 2015: 
– Best Film
– Public Award
– Best Directing
– Best Acting (Rui Ferreira)
– Best Cinematography
– Best Editing
– Best Original Score
– Best Sound
– Best Wardrobe
– Best Use of Genre
– Best Use of Character
– Best Use of Line
– Honorable Mention for Best Graphics

Tripé entered for the third year in a row on Castelo Branco 48 Hour Film Project, inning for the second time with the short “Cold Hands, Warm Heart”. Rules of the competition state that a short-film must be written, directed, edited and delivered in only 48 hours. Required elements of the competition were an ice cube as the object, a pickpocket as the character and the line “I told you I was right”. The drawn genre was Silent Film.

The film was the grand winner of the night, taking home twelve awards and an honorable mention, as well as the entry ticket to Filmapalooza 2018, which will be held at Paris

Directed by Pedro Caldeira and Paulo Graça / Screenplay: Fábio Santos / Script Supervisor: Pedro CaldeiraPaulo Graça / Cast: Rui Ferreira,  Sandro Ferreira, Carla Magalhães, Maria Caldeira  / Produced by: Pedro CaldeiraPaulo Graça / Assistant producers: Maria Caldeira, Mário Graça, Ariana Santos / Story: Virgínia Barbosa, Maria Caldeira, Pedro Caldeira, Rui Ferreira, Mário Graça, Paulo Graça, Paulo Martinho, Ariana Santos, Fábio Santos / Music: Filipe Keil / Cinematography: Paulo Martinho / Editing: Tiago Cruz, Pedro Caldeira / Sound Editing: Pedro Caldeira / Graphic Design: Paulo Graça / Image Assistant: Virgínia Barbosa / Extras: Virgínia Barbosa, Paulo Graça, Mário Graça, Ariana Santos / Continuity: Mário Graça / Cor: Paulo Martinho, Paulo Graça / Special Thanks: Câmara Municipal de Tomar, SCOCSTaverna D’Talha, Nibiru Tattoo Art, Filipe Cartaxo, Luís Ferreira, Sara Gonçalves, Joana Matos, Célia Neves, Eugénia Nunes, Roger Oliveira, Cláudia Pereira, Ricardo Preto, Eliana Silva, Jorge Silva

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