About Tripé

Tripé is a puppy born in 2014, and despite having only three paws, he aims to travel all around the world.

Who we are

Pedro Caldeira

Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Producer, Sound Editor

Paulo Graça

Director, Editor, Graphic Designer, Producer

We are a small team with big ideas

We are always learning and reinventing ourselves in each project that we launch. We will always try harder to deliver bigger and better results for our clients, our audience and ourselves. Check out our work here.

Other contributors

Pedro Branco


David Pais

Actor, Composer, Sound Editor, Sound Mixer

Ariana Santos

Actress, Assistant Producer

Eduardo Serraventoso

Sound Department

Jaime Martins Veloso

D. of Photography, Photography Assistant

Mário Graça

Assistant Producer

Bárbara Teixeira

Assistant Producer

Paulo Martinho

D. of Photography

Virgínia Barbosa

Assistant Producer, Director, Photography Assistant


Tripé is more than just a team. It’s an entire family. Everyone that somehow helps Tripé to grow bigger and better, will be forever attached to our family. Since 2014 this family managed to deliver awesome results, and the well received critical praises and awards that Tripé conquered are the proof of that dedication.

We want to grow more, and deliver more quality in the movies we produce, taking them everywhere so the whole world can see us. Help us with that! Support us by sharing our work, and continue being the amazing public that you are. The Tripé family thanks you for that.


We Shoot

We Edit

We Love What We Do

Work with us!

Have any amazing ideas you want us to work for you? Want something professional and good looking, but you still don’t know what exactly?   Let’s join up and work together in order to make something outstanding. Just leave us a message and we will study your case.

(+351) 914 394 223 / (+351) 919 748 974 / geral@tripe.pt

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